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Why Sustain CFO?

Our Vision

Together with our clients we create a brighter, more resilient future where sustainable business models power a sustainable economy.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to elevate sustainable business practices in pivotal industries. We are strategic partners informing critical business decisions and leading the way towards our clients economic north star.

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Grow from a Foundation of Sustainability

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, there’s a dangerous trend of leaning heavily on unsustainable economic blueprints.

These not only jeopardize businesses but also the fabric of our society, especially in cornerstone industries like health, education, technology, and energy. The era of private equity-driven, over-leveraged ventures, detached from genuine financial realities, is untenable and nearing its twilight.

At Sustain CFO, our commitment is deeper than just numbers. We collaborate with partners aiming to harness the positive potential of economic forces. Together, we’re dedicated to propelling industries that truly matter, forward — sustainably and strategically.

We're not your average CFOs

More Than Just Numbers

We go above the conventional boundaries of financial consulting. We excel at integrating financial intelligence with robust strategies to optimize your business systems and decision-making processes.

We operate at the intersection of finance, strategy, and execution, ensuring that your business isn't just financially sound, but also well-poised for sustainable growth and success.

Experienced & Vetted

Sustain CFO is a fusion of decades of rich experience across diverse departments and industries. Our expertise isn't confined to just one aspect of your business; we bring a holistic perspective that encompasses various facets necessary for a thriving, resilient enterprise.

Our comprehensive experience serves as a treasure trove of insights and strategies, aiding you in navigating the complexities of business management with finesse and confidence.

We're Entrepreneurs at Heart

At Sustain CFO, we stand apart as more than just financial experts – we are seasoned entrepreneurs who've lived through the journey ourselves.

In contrast to the conventional corporate 'suit and tie' CFOs, we embody the vibrant spirit of entrepreneurship. This allows us to empathize with your journey, offering insights that are not just theoretical but steeped in real-world experience and practical wisdom.

Josh Notes

Josh Notes

Managing Partner, CEO

As a former CEO, Notes founded and led a start-up energy company to over $10M in total revenue, before transitioning to helping small businesses plan for growth through strategic financial consulting. Notes excels at helping leaders operationalize strategic financial insights to increase profit, valuation & impact on the world. He was awarded SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and remains a renewable energy entrepreneur, leading the development of a $250M pipeline of clean energy assets.

Phil Maffei

Phil Maffei

Managing Partner, CFO

Phil Maffei brings over 15 years of strategic finance experience, leading financial teams of global organizations through growth transformations and exit events. He has managed the forecasting of P&Ls in excess of $1B in EBITDA and led diligence, integration, and investor relations efforts. His experience also includes the design and implementation of ERP and CPM Systems. In his last role prior to joining SAB, he was the corporate finance process leader during a 2-year, $6B sale process of Dun & Broadstreet.

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Dr. Marcus Patterson
Dr. Marcus Patterson

Full circle mental health

“Ever since I partnered with Sustain A Business, everything financially improved. I know where my risk is in the business, and make consistent decisions based on our conversations!"

Isabel Abrams
Isabel Abrams

Partner at Abrams Justice

Now we are planning 1-3 years into the future and I feel like I have control of our business destiny. Working with them has been game changing for our business.”

Amy York
Amy York

Operation director at Paramount Energy

“I have partnered with Sustain | A | Business to maintain and grow my energy business... We have navigated taxes, employees, contracts, government regulations and permitting, and I am filing my taxes early for the first time ever.”

Max Durovic
Max Durovic

CEO at AArow Advertising

5 years, the business acumen gained has allowed us to develop sophisticated financial practices and has helped our entire organization implement cost saving measures that hit our bottom line."

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