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An honest assessment of your financial needs

Get a tailored evaluation pinpointing the exact financial strategies your business requires.

A clear sense of the ROI on our financial modeling services

Discover the expected return on investment of our bespoke financial modeling services.

A clear roadmap for reaching your financial goals

Receive a definitive action plan to achieve your financial objectives smoothly and efficiently

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We help you make smarter strategic business decisions

We’ve analyzed over 100 businesses for M&A transactions, and helped dozens of them 5x their profitability

We offer fractional CFO services to help you reach your financial North Star.

Whether that’s an exit, a capital raise, or a sustainable profit engine that affords you the financial management and freedom to do what you love.

Imagine running your business with a:

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Dr. Marcus Patterson
Dr. Marcus Patterson

Full circle mental health

“Ever since I partnered with Sustain CFO, everything financially improved. I know where my risk is in the business, and make consistent decisions based on our conversations!"

Isabel Abrams
Isabel Abrams

Partner at Abrams Justice

Now we are planning 1-3 years into the future and I feel like I have control of our business destiny. Working with them has been game changing for our business.”

Amy York
Amy York

Operation director at Paramount Energy

“I have partnered with Sustain CFO to maintain and grow my energy business... We have navigated taxes, employees, contracts, government regulations and permitting, and I am filing my taxes early for the first time ever.”

Max Durovic
Max Durovic

CEO at AArow Advertising

5 years, the business acumen gained has allowed us to develop sophisticated financial practices and has helped our entire organization implement cost saving measures that hit our bottom line."

We're Not Your Average CFOs

Strategy, Not Just Software

While technology is pivotal, our edge lies in real-world financial wisdom.

We blend cutting-edge tools with the seasoned insights of financial experts, crafting strategies designed to navigate your business through its unique financial landscapes.

You Get Us, Not an Outsourced Hire

Our service goes beyond mere outsourcing; we're your personalized CFO arm.

We're here to build relationships, understand your vision, and tailor our expertise to fit your exact requirements, ensuring that your financial strategy is as unique as your business.

Entrepreneurial Spirit, Corporate Excellence

We bring the best of both worlds—entrepreneurial agility fused with corporate discipline.

Our team isn't just about spreadsheets and bottom lines; we're business builders who think like you do, driven to innovate, scale, and transform visions into tangible success.

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4 out of 5 businesses fail because of poor cash flow management

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