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Imagine knowing the downstream effects of every financial decision you make

Quit second guessing every decision you make, because you don’t actually know what your finances are telling you.
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What is a financial modeling consultant?

Financial modeling is the backbone of a thriving business, helping you forecast financial trends and make informed decisions. As your trusted financial modeling consultant, we turn numbers into narratives that propel your business to unprecedented heights.

Think of our financial modeling services as your co-pilot, helping you develop your own personalized financial models to avoid upcoming risks and invest your resources in the most effective way possible.

Feeling the pressures of unpredictability?

Partner with our financial modeling team to transform uncertainty into a strategic advantage. Let's chat, develop our own financial model, and craft your financial future together.

What a Financial Modeling Consultant Will Do For You

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Custom Financial Models

A financial modeling consultant creates custom financial models that encapsulate your business's unique attributes and market dynamics, providing you with a powerful tool to simulate various financial scenarios and strategize effectively for the future.
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Planning and Analysis

Through meticulous budget planning and analysis, our financial models aid you in setting realistic financial goals and monitoring your business's progress towards achieving them, fostering financial discipline and efficiency.


Cash Flow Forecasting

A financial modeling consultant skillfully predicts the inflow and outflow of cash in your business, helping you anticipate periods of cash surplus or shortage and plan accordingly to maintain a healthy financial state.

Financial Models Which Empower You To:

Increase Your Profitability

A financial modeling consultant identifies avenues to boost your revenue streams, optimizes cash flow, and minimize unnecessary costs, fostering a surge in your business's profitability.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Leverage the expert insights and data analysis provided by a financial modeling consultant to make business decisions that align with your strategic goals and financial vision.

Achieve Financial Stability And Growth

With the guidance of a financial modeling consultant, maintain a firm financial footing and drive confident investments in growth initiatives, ensuring a stable and prosperous business trajectory.

Schedule Your Free Executive Financial Modeling Consulting Session

Interested in having an executive sounding board on the current state of your business finances? Looking for fractional CFO services that have your back?

Even if our best financial model services don’t end up being the right fit for you, we’ll gladly help direct you to the best solution. 


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Dr. Marcus Patterson
Dr. Marcus Patterson

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“Ever since I partnered with Sustain A Business, everything financially improved. I know where my risk is in the business, and make consistent decisions based on our conversations!"

Isabel Abrams
Isabel Abrams

Partner at Abrams Justice

Now we are planning 1-3 years into the future and I feel like I have control of our business destiny. Working with them has been game changing for our business.”

Amy York
Amy York

Operation director at Paramount Energy

“I have partnered with Sustain | A | Business to maintain and grow my energy business... We have navigated taxes, employees, contracts, government regulations and permitting, and I am filing my taxes early for the first time ever.”

Max Durovic
Max Durovic

CEO at AArow Advertising

5 years, the business acumen gained has allowed us to develop sophisticated financial practices and has helped our entire organization implement cost saving measures that hit our bottom line."

How We Work

What You Can Expect Working With Us

Unlock the power of predictive financial insights with our clear six-step process, designed to tailor a financial model that perfectly syncs with your business’s unique trajectory.

  • Initial Consultation

    Begin with an in-depth discussion to fully grasp your business objectives, challenges, and financial aspirations. It's essential to understand where you currently stand and where you aim to be.

  • Data Collection

    Methodically assemble all pertinent financial data, reviewing past performance, current metrics, and anticipated industry trends. This groundwork ensures the modeling foundation is accurate and comprehensive.

  • Financial Model Creation

    Craft a custom financial model that holistically represents your business landscape. This model will be structured to cater to your specific needs, forecasting potential scenarios and plotting strategic financial paths.

  • Model Review & Adjustments

    Conduct a thorough walkthrough of the established model together, ensuring its alignment with your vision. We'll value your feedback and make any necessary adjustments, ensuring the model's precision and relevance.

  • Implementation & Training

    Equip you with the knowledge and tools to leverage this model effectively. Beyond just handing it over, we'll guide you on how to interpret its outputs and offer training to ensure your team can seamlessly integrate it into your business processes.


Our Financial Modeling Process Gets Results

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Frequently Answered Questions

Working with financial modeling consultants give you access to a financial experts with years of experience, thus skilled in crafting detailed representations of a company's financial performance. These models simulate the impact of specific financial variables so that informed predictions can be made about a company’s future performance. With their expertise, they aid businesses in decision-making, risk management, and strategic planning by providing insights rooted in comprehensive analysis and scenario forecasting.